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1+1+1 in 2008

Mon Dec 31, 2007, 6:23 AM
Date / Day: 31st December 2007, Monday
Time: 2220
Location: Room, Home

Once upon a time, in 1998....

He met her...

She met him...

Then this happened...

Followed by this...

A picture perfect...

She loves being this...

But most of all...

She loves her...

And he loves them... :kiss:

... to be continued...


Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight/Till tomorrow I'll be holding you tight/And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be/Than here in my room dreaming about you and me

Dum Dum Dum Dumm

Thu Jun 7, 2007, 4:05 AM
Date / Day: 7 June 2007, Thursday
Time: 1830
Location: Room, Home

9 November 1998.

9 November 1999.

9 November 2000.

9 November 2001.

9 November 2002.

9 November 2003.

9 November 2004.

9 November 2005.

9 November 2006.

8 June 2007.

The same me.

The same him.

Afro sold separately.


Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight/Till tomorrow I'll be holding you tight/And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be/Than here in my room dreaming about you and me

Mistaken Identities

Fri Jul 28, 2006, 7:41 PM
Date / Day: 29th July 2006, Saturday
Time: 1030
Location: Staff Room, School

(sometime back...)

Incident 1

Stranger #1: Hey Mart! Lama tak nampak. (It has been a while since I met you)

Me: Really? I don't think I have ever met you.

Stranger #1: Martina right? :confused:

Me: Nolah! Martini. Martina my sister. I'll let her know you, what's your name, says hi!

Stranger #1: Alamak! The two of you look alike! :blush:

Me: Really? Nolah. :mwahaha:

Incident 2

Stranger #2: Hey, (pause) which one is this? Martina or Martini?

Me: Martini. I'll let her know.

Stranger #2: :rofl: Ok ok... sorry..

Incident 3

Sis: Eh, just now got someone smiled and waved at me. I think your friend mistook me for you lah.. again..

Incident 4

Mom (looking at me): Tina, mana adik? (Tina, where's your sister?)

Me: Ni dia! :mwahaha: (I am her!)

For the record, we are NOT TWINS! We don't look alike at all! My sis is two years older than me.

She's the smarter one.

I am the insane one.

(sometime back.. and it happened rather frequent)

Caller (on the phone): Hello, may I speak to Mart?

Me: Which one? The big one or the little one?

Caller: Erm, Martina.

Me: Ah Big Mart then.

....even over the phone... :mwahaha:


And maybe/I'll find out /A way to make it back someday/To watch you/To guide you/Through the darkest of your days/If a great wave shall fall/And fall upon us all/Then I hope there's someone out there/Who can bring me back to you

  • Listening to: The Calling - Wherever You Will Go
  • Reading: Kamus Dewan

Marathon Gone Amiss

Mon Jul 24, 2006, 9:47 AM
Date / Day: 24th July 2006, Monday
Time: 2317
Location: Room, Home

The second round of the photo-marathon-competition. And this this I was on my own! My 3 other partners-in-crime just couldn't make it.

:icongroundzer0: had to go on to the battle field.
:iconjanrystar: couldn't get out of the on-going battle with slumber which he had been putting off for quite some time.
:iconobsoletetheory:'s battle with the immune system took longer than expected.

So off I went from one corner of the island to the other. It was only a one-themed assignment. The theme was Youth and Young Families Ah... Portraitures.. Loving it instantly! But...

(sending text messages my fiancee, Idi)

Me: The theme is Youth and Young Families. I didn't get much. No idea. Seriously.

Idi: Go take a cab to Downtown East or nearby shopping Centre.

Me: Done. I am at the stadium. Got Racial Harmony Celebration. Got a few shots.

(1130am... at Delifrance Tampines Mall)

Near giving up! Mental block.. Nearly gone mental myself!

(text message to Idi)

Me: I am at Delifrance. No idea. Maybe after I eat, got idea.

Maybe...or rather it Better Be!

(12pm... at the void deck of some block)

(text message to Idi)

Me: I am just going to edit some pics. sigh...

Idi: Ok ok.. I will come over.. Wait for me at the Bus Interchange.


My knight in shining armour... or rather in rock-tee-shirt, tight jeans, white sneakers and cowboy hat came at last to save his damesel in distress.. :love:

We spotted a young mother and her two oh-so-adorable kids.

So I introduced myself and seeked her permission to photograph her. She agreed and gamely settled her kids nicely..

But being kids, they were wide-eyed, really curious and can't keep still.. But still, I love photographing them! So adorable!

And I submitted the 'Mother and Child'.. ;)

(1400, at Tampines East CC)

(text message from Hendra)

Hendra: How was the competition?

Me: Not satisfied with my submission tho...Could have done better. Oh well, there is still the third round.

(1600, at Tampiness East CC)

:nod: ah huh... just what i predicted.

Hey, you 3! Better make it to Tanjong Pagar ok!



And maybe/I'll find out /A way to make it back someday/To watch you/To guide you/Through the darkest of your days/If a great wave shall fall/And fall upon us all/Then I hope there's someone out there/Who can bring me back to you
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  • Reading: Photo Video (Magazine)
  • Watching: Grey's Anatomy

Of Shutter and Flu Bugs

Sun Jul 9, 2006, 7:27 AM
Date / Day: 9th July 2006, Sunday
Time: 2145
Location: Room, Home

(8th July, Saturday)


Sharil: Mart, tomorrow what time must reach there?

Mart: 9am!

Sharil: Got plan with Hendra?

Mart: No, but I told Shahran to meet at Paya Lebar at 815am.

Sharil: Ok can.

Mart: Eh, u ok already? U still sound sick.

Sharil: I sick also I will go!

Mart: Alrite ah bro! I see u 815 ok.. Don't be late! Want me to wake u up? I'll give Shahran wake-up call at 630.

Sharil: No need. I can wake up one.

Mart: Ok ok.. C u then.

( dead)

So Sharil had the flu bug still..

But we were so bug-eyed with being shutter bugs that even Sharil's flu did not bugged him.

The Photo Competition was organized by Geylang Serai Community Centre. The themes that were given to fellow participants were:

1) Kampung Spirit of Geylang Serai
2) Flora
3) Factory

We had 4 hours to go about the estate and finally submitted just one photo corresponding to the theme of our choice.


The process of getting the pictures to fit the theme(s) was a real mind-bugging.. mind-boggling actually. Until we decided to be true to the creative-natured we are.

Think abstract thoughts. Think out-of-the-box-out-of-bodies type of experience..

So we came up with...

Shahran's Kampung Spirit of Geylang Serai

Yes... That's Sharil as the model.

And here's my submission.

Mart's Factory

And here's Sharil's submission.

Sharil's Factory

Anyway, we did not qualify for the Finals but there are 3 more rounds to go! Watch out!

It was our first attempts at such photo competition... definitely not going to be the last. :D


Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back to the Milky Way
And tell me, did Venus blow your mind
Was it everything you wanted to find
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there
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  • Reading: Photo Video (Magazine)

Hansel and His Stones

Wed Jun 14, 2006, 7:24 AM
Date / Day: 14th June 2006, Wednesday
Time: 2030
Location: Room, Home

Ambition is the last refuge of failure -Oscar Wilde

Sometime back...

Staff Room

Francis: Martini, are you going to further your studies?
Me: Hmm.. not yet.. Maybe next year.. most probably.. You? Are you going to Australia?
Francis: Nope..
Me: Really?! Ah good good!! I can still taste your cookies, brownies, cakes! You mean, you won't change your mind? For real?
Francis: Well Martini, let's just say nothing is written on stone.

Francis the Joker.
Francis the Soccer Coach.
Francis the Jamie-Oliver-of-Pastries.
Francis the Chinese-Man-Who-Can-Speak-Fluent-Malay-Because-I-Am-Malaysian-What.
Francis the Sarcasm-Overload.
Francis the Philosopher.
Francis the Sooth-Sayer.

It is easy to dismiss what Francis said as taking the mickey out of everything has always been his forte.

Initially, yes, I did feel a little bit apprehensive at what he said.

I mean, come on man!

We have a good career, secure, bla bla bla.. We enjoyed what we are doing (that is teach.. only teaching.. the other things I can definitely do without). We are surrounded by people sharing the same fate... we have strength in numbers. We are supportive of one another. We go through the same griefs, the same heartaches, the same joys, the same perks, the same triple bonuses (March for Performance Bonus, July for Mid-Year bonus, December for Year-End Bonus)..

Initially, I was ready with my rebutals..
I was ready with my come-back line..
I was ready to say, "I am going to teach for the rest of my life!"
I was that affirmative.
I was all gung ho.
I would have made Martin Luther King proud with my I-had-a-dream mode.  

Something happened.

Or rather something did not happen as I had planned. All crumbled like the ruins of the Maya Civilization (circa A.D. 300-900). I had to re-visit the path that I chose to walk on since the last 5 years.

I wish I am THE Hansel who dropped stones.

But instead, I am THE Hansel who dropped pieces of bread.

Now the bread were long gone. I could not go home..

Ah yes.. I would make do with that house made from sweets, cookies, cakes.. All things sinfully sweet.. The pleasure of sinking my teeth everytime made me forgot how far away I was from home, how big a trouble I would get myself into, how heavy a step I would have to take to peel myself away from the house!

That kind old lady. She gave me a roof over my head. A place to stay.

Now I had everything. Or so I thought.

That old hag had her own Grand Plan. I was THE Plan.

Now I must execute Plan B..

I am still executing...

Damn those pieces of bread.

ps: Don't mind me, I'm just rambling...

Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back to the Milky Way
And tell me, did Venus blow your mind
Was it everything you wanted to find
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there
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  • Reading: Style
  • Watching: Venus Beauty Institute
Date / Day: 31st May 2006, Wednesday
Time: 1108am
Location: School, Staff Room, Cubicle number 50.

What: D-Day

Who: :iconprincessmartini:, :iconjanrystar: & :icongroundzer0:

When: Taking off 1915, Changi International Airport to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International airport

Where: Jakarta-Bandung

Why: Adventure Quest, Cultural Enrichment, Get-together, DeviantArt Meet ups with :iconbandungs:

How: With the help from these angels- :iconlivindarealworld:, :iconleolia:, :iconchandra7: & :icondustekdustek:.

ps: Be back on Tuesday! :D

eSTABlishMEnt for YOU

Mon Apr 3, 2006, 7:09 AM
Date / Day: 3rd April 2006, Monday
Time: 1515
Location: On board bus #7 to Clementi, then on train to Jurong East

eSTABlishMEnt for YOU

Si kaduk di junjung dudok
Saban hari pukul sang bedok
Canang juga sering diketok
Bising bunyi dimarah yg senggok.

Berok dan kodok anggok-anggok
Berpaling lalu terkerok-kerok
Ular bisa tiada walau mematok
Lungsur terus ikut telunjok.

Kulit kacang bertabur terok
Lari bertempiaran di sudut menyorok
Kononnya terlepas hidup terperok
Berbogel kini sembunyi di cerok.


ps: yes.. some words are deliberately spelt incorrectly.. don't worry, my Malay students are taught correctly in school. :D

pps: Non-Malay speaking friends, I'm sorry.. I don't know how to express this in English.
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  • Reading: Oscar Wilde's The Critic As Artist
  • Watching: Desperate Housewives on TV now

Tagged. I'm In.

Sat Mar 4, 2006, 5:36 AM
I didn't run fast enough! Got tagged by :iconmannanan: hmmm..

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"...least a dozen times during the last week"~ haha... oh no no no... this is actually PG.. not what some of u might think. ;) (from: V.C. Andrews' Pearl In The Mist)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
uh huh... and?

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
MTV's Pimp My Ride, West Coast Customs. Old, tattered white Mustang transformed into Red and Gold (yup yup... bling bling-ing), with all the cool gadgets in the end. Bubbles came out from the exhaust pipe.. I think (I don't know what that is called.. don't own a car)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is:

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
8:38pm! geesh... time flies.. have yet to grade papers.. oh well.. ;)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
my tv.. always on when I'm in my room.. I don't watch.. I listen.. multi-tasking.. I'll turn my head to watch when I like what I heard. and there's the sound of the MRT, train station just 15 minutes away and the tracks running near my home.

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
in the morning about 1130am. had Kickboxing class. hot day. I burned easily. my skin skipped the tanning bit and automatically burned! those who know me will know I am always red like a lobster. wierd..

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Friendster message from this girl who claimed to be my classmate in primary and secondary school.. the thing is I can't remember her being in my classes.. I think I was her senior.. maybe she got the wrong Martini.. then again, how many Martinis are there in my school eh..

9. What are you wearing?
T-shirt and boxer shorts.. Summer all year round in Singapore.

10. Did you dream last night?
Did I? Oh ya I did.. but I can't remember... I hardly remember my dreams.. but then again they are always weird... like in my dream, I planned to go swimming at the beach, I will never ever once get a chance to do the actual swimming.. I think because I can't swim in the open sea in real life.. phobia.. wierd..

11. When did you last laugh?
An hour ago.. at dinner with my sis, Martina. She was telling me about her students, 15-17 yr old boys. They were blatantly truthful.. their comments so hilarious..

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Clock, Painting of two cats given by my bestfriend, Tracey, Calendar, a doll (oh ya.. I hang her by the hair.. haha..)

13. Seen anything weird lately?
Oh ya.. in the mirror.. Red Martini staring back at me! :eyepopping:

14. What do you think of this quiz?
I don't normally tell others about myself.. would be better to hear about others though. :D but oh well.. an exception.

15. What is the last film you saw?
Final Destination 3.. Senseless violence and death not my cup of tea. don't adore gore..bloody messy death for the sake of entertainment.. give me something like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" or "Monalisa Smile" anytime.. :D

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
A house with outdoor pool, latest gadgets for my Smart-Home (everything controlled electronically), bathroom the size of two rooms (with jacuzzi of course), a complete home studio, walk-in wardrobe (my clothes arranged according to colours, styles), entertainment room (cinema-style).. I can go on and on.. ;)

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
hmm.. I am a smurf fanatic. I have about 600 Smurf figurines! I put them in my room. I have 2 defunct  fish tanks (2m long each, stacked on top of one another) which me and Idi converted into Smurf Villages. 1 3-tier display cabinets with smurf playset pop-ups and smurfs too. :sing: Lalalalalalalalalalala...

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
The world? too ambitious.. let me start with just Singapore.. I would have a 4-Day compulsory work week for teachers instead of 5-day.

Reason being: Teachers need to get in touch with themselves. I see my fellow colleagues being all tired and stressed out ( me included.. but i love my students though ;) I miss my 2005 batch terribly) and they are counting the days to weekend. Work quality will definitely drop. With 4-day work week, we will teach of course. The fifth day, will be compulsory for us to pursue our own interest. Like mysef, Photography is my current second love :D. So we will have to prove that we do pursue that interest and come up with a journal.. a portfolio.. and that portfolio will be included when we are to be graded on our work and performance at year-end.

19. Do you like to dance?
I dance only with my girlfriends.. the last time we performed "Hey Big Spender" for our Principal's farewell dinner. Recently, went to Franz Ferdinand's and Oasis' concerts. :w00t!:

20. George Bush:
Do what you like.. but what goes around comes around... good or bad will come back tri-fold.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Mira!! There was this Malaysian Movie, "Mira Edora", starring Julia Rais.. and she is PRETTY!! Besides, Mira means Miraculous in Latin.

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Eka!! Eka means The One in Sanskrit.. I am half Indian, half Javanese... marrying Javanese-Chinese.. what is to become of our kids!

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
:nod: not permanently though.. maybe a holiday home.. my heart is with my country. :heart:

24. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
Thank you.

25. 4 people who must also do this memo in THEIR journal:
anyone actually.. YOU!! if you are not too busy.. :D

Cheers :ahoy:

  • Listening to: Peterpan- Aku dan Bintang
  • Reading: V.C. Andrews' Pearl In The Mist
Date/Day: 7th February 2006, Tuesday
Time: 1430
Location: Clementi Swimming Complex
Event: School Swimming Heats, Lower & Upper Primary

Let me START with the saying:
"Those who can't do, teach."
"Those who can't teach, do."

I was THE STARTer for the swimming heats. The kids, who were competing, would have to START on my mark, once I, THE STARTer blow my trusty whistle. Before the START of the first event, this man, (sidetrack)

Man: Eh, who is the STARTer?
Me: I am.
Man: You got brief the timekeepers or not?
Me: Of course. We have done this before. My teachers know when to START the stopwatches.
Man: So you know ha? Really?
Me: Yes. I hold up this green sign and flag it down. At the same time I blow my whistle.
Man: They know ha? Really?
Me: :nod:
Man: I better double up as STARTer also.. just in case.
Me: Whatever. The more the merrier. *rolls eyes*

Man trotted off to the other end of the pool. Man, now identified as coach for the school team, STARTed to re-brief my teachers.

My teachers STARTed to get confused.

Two sets of instructions.

One official and the other, well.. officially his.

I STARTed to make my way there after sensing a commotion. Delayed STARTing time. Ah too many cooks spoilt the broth.

My teachers understood when this teacher explained.

Coach sashayed back to STARTing point.

Now let's get things STARTed.

Splash. Prriittt.... Splash. Prriitt... Go kids! Swim! Ah don't mind your goggles, we'll retrieve them for you. GO!

Me: Ah now your turn.
Man-now-identified-as-coach: At your marks! (Splash-false start by one of the kids.. A START to more hiccups to come. Ah! Cilaka (Translation: Damnit!)! Eh you! Never listen! I haven't blow my whistle right! See! Now, Get ready!

Me - 0 hiccups.
Man-now-identified-as-coach - (Lost count after 3 screw ups!)

(Few events later)
Me: My turn.
Man-now-identified-as-coach:  You see ah. That girl in Lane 2. She'll be in trouble later.
Me: Why? Your kid?
Man-now-identified-as-coach:  No you just see.
Me: On your marks. (suddenly I noticed Girl Lane 2 did not put on her goggles.) Girl, Lane 2, Goggles!
Man-now-identified-as-coach:  Ah! Why you tell! Let her be!

Man-now-identified-as-coach I STARTed to realise is a Male Chauvanist Pig, oh, minus the Chauvanist please.. and Male too.. Ah just Pig. :nod:

Was he prepared to take the responsibilities in case the girl did START to get in trouble like eye irritation or even panicking in the deep end of the pool? Was he prepared to START answering all the questions which I believe will come torpedo-like should things go wrong? Was he that masochistic to want, to need, to yearn, to gloat, when a fault START to take shape?

Man-now-identified-as-coach: Ah. This kind of STARTing duty not easy you know.
Me: :nod:
Man-now-identified-as-coach: I've been doing this day in day out. Everyday. Need practice. Not just once a year event.
Me: Next time I'll recommend you for the job. :sarcasticclap:
Man-now-identified-as-coach: I don't mind. As I've said, I do this thing everyday.


Is that C-O-A-C-H I see brandished on your ass?

Well.. let's just say, I kicked the coach's ass.
Date/Day: 20 January 2006, Friday
Time: 1518
Location: School, Teachers' Room

(Sometime 3 weeks ago)

Sis: Eh mak tanyer kau dah buat nomination for the will ke belum?
Me: Alah, belom lagi.. Nanti lah..
Sis: Mak suruh buat cepat-cepat.. Nanti apa-apa jadi..
Me: Bukannya aku nak mati esok.. nantilah aku buat.


Sis: Eh, mother asked if you have written your will nomination.
Me: Ah, not yet.. Later..
Sis: Mother said to get that done ASAP.. just in case..
Me: It's not like I'm going to die tomorrow.. I'll do that later.

(Present day)
Time: 0824

SMS from my friend:
Dear all, I juz got news that our former (school) mate, (name here) just passed away this morning while on duty. (Fireman, rescue duty)

Message received only at 1000 as I was having class then.

Shocked. Drained. Depressing news indeed.

Somehow, a lost of a friend I barely knew seems to hit me hard. Was it because I didn't take the time and effort to know what a wonderful person he might have been? The only form of communication between us while at college was a smile here and there when our paths crossed. Maybe the occasional, "Hey!"

Another SMS, another senior in critical condition.. suffering from the deadly cancer.

Depressing cold morning.

Time: 1521

Finished my final class thus concluding the week and beginning the weekend.  The end is the beginning. Indeed.

When a life ended, another begins. Should THE time comes for me, may not my life end as soon as my body been laid rested into that eternal slumber. May not there be griefs. May not be there be regrets. May not there be tears of sadness. May not there be sorrow.

May there be joy. May there be celebrations. May there be laughters. May there still be life. May there still be the will to live to the fullest.

I would want it that way. I have not concluded my life's episode yet..  You run them for me. Ghostwriters yes. They will withstand seasons. No reruns. Not till all who knows me be gone. "It's a wrap." I'll be at peace. I will.

As for now, life is precious. Life is unpredictable. Life is a priviledge. Life is not an entitlement. We are on loan.

Live. Before your date is due.

Now the will to write in my nominations taking shape.

Will do that.

In the meantime, dear friends, promise to take care of yourselves.

Will you?
Date/Day: 4 January 2006, Wednesday

Time: 1035am

Location: School, Level 1, Lift Lobby

(Walking to class. New year, new students, needs getting used to. Missing ex-students badly. Inclining towards a state of mourning for the loss. Heard footsteps from behind me. Someone running along the corridor. Now isn't that a misconduct and a scolding waiting to happen.)

Kid: Miss Martini! Miss Martini!

(Turned around. My student, Angeline, whom I taught PE in 2005 came running after me.)

Angeline: Miss Martini, I just want to say hi! I am in 4C now.

Me: Hey Angeline dear. Oh really? How about your sister?

A: Christine is in 4A Miss Martini. Anyway, I see you later ok. Bye Miss Martini!

M: Alright. See you. And don't run dear.

If one can prove the existence of angels, that one person is me.

(Am having difficulty with this entry as I wouldn't want to sound preachy.. it has been a long 1 1/2 hour long and I am still stuck at this.)

Personally, I have encountered incidences whereby things happened without any explanations to it.

You can't pinpoint but accept why that happened. You can't bullseye the reasons behind what or how you felt but bask in them for a while. You can't stop but anticipate that more bizarre things will come your way inevitably. You can't help but think how such things will affect others besides yourself. You can't deny but to agree that the path is always winding and you are bound to meet a crossroad too many somewhere.

You can't deny but to go forth. Trudge on.

You will be visited. And as cliche as it may sound, you will see the light.

You will appreciate the beauty of life itself. You value every living things and see their purpose. Afterall, isn't that what Sir Elton John meant by, "It's a circle of life... til we find our place.. on a path unwinding.."

You will care for that loved ones that you have been neglecting. The existence of a new person/group for example will set your hearts afluttering, awandering. An apparition worth being on your pedestal. An apparition whose novelty fades away soon enough.

You will reignite that passion that you once had in something. Suddenly your role in life is well-defined or at least seems concrete to you. You have a sense of purpose to fuel you through that road albeit bumpy and rocky.

And when that happened, count yourself lucky. You have been visited.

Anyway, though I (and I know some of my colleagues) mourn for my beloved students of 2005, I am thankful for being able to be a part of their lives though a minor portion that is. To know that I have an impact in their lives will be asking too much. But to realise that THEY made an impact (a tremendous one that is) on my life, the feeling is priceless. I wouldn't want to substitute that for anything in the world.

Angeline, made me realise that maybe my short stint of a year with my students was not a waste. Out of sight but not out of mind.

Come to think of it, Angeline.. ANGELine..

Halo and silvery wings optional.
Date/Day: 3 January 2006, Tuesday

Time: 1515

Location: Teachers' Room, School

If looks could kill, arrest me.

Teacher A: Hey Martini, how was first day of school?

Me: Pretty good. Alright. Better than expected.

TA: Eh, I want to ask you something.

Me: What is it?

TA: You are so tanned. Do you windsurf?

Me: What?! You've got to be kidding me.

TA: Really? Wakeboard?

Me: Nothing of that sort. (Maybe Dragonboating with my Scouts.. but that was 1 time only.. the tann faded eons ago)

TA: Then how come your skin this colour? What cosmetics or skincare are you using?

Me: Ermm... I am born with it (suddenly the jingle "Maybe she's born with it.. maybe it's Maybeline" comes to mind). My dad's Javanese and my mother is part Indian. I don't use cosmetics. I don't like make-ups so much. Skincare? Hmm.. doctor's prescription. I have sensitive skin.

TA: Really? But your skin, it glows!

Me: Well, thanks! :blush: (Awkward laughters)

(Teacher A still not satisfied so..)

TA: Do you go clubbing? Do you go dancing?

Me: Never. I don't like crowds. (hmm.. Malay dance counts or not?)

TA: Really? You look like that type lah.

Me: (Awkward laughters) No lah.. I am actually very stay-at-home-kind.

TA: Huh? Really? Cannot believe..

(Then Teacher B came by and Teacher A began retelling the whole she-looks-like-she-one-party-animal-but-actually-she-not-that-kind-you-know.)

TB: Wah! We all thought you like that one you know.

Me: Hahaha... Maybe I should just carry a ball of yarn and knitting needles next time eh.

TA & TB: Hahaha..

(TA and TB are newly transfered teachers from other schools.)

It's a wonder whether people actually practise what the line Never-Judge-A-Book-By-Its-Cover preaches.

It's a wonder whether people bother to take the time and patience to sit, talk and get to know the person well before they pass their silly judgements.

It's a wonder whether a certain particular type of look is an entitlement/association/god-given for that certain particular type of personality.

It's a wonder whether people seeking friendship or companionship are too narrow minded or superficial that they only flock with the same feathers.

It's a wonder whether people choose to see the better side of you FIRST or prefer to push that option SECOND.

I hereby declare myself, "A Walking Myth - an Unsolved Contradiction". Maybe there might be a special X-Files Episode featuring me. :jarklarge:

Fox Mulder: "The truth is out there..."

Dana Scully: "The truth is in her.."

Whatever it may be, killer looks I definitely have. I kill people's perception of myself!

Now, where did I stash that yarn and needles... ;)
Date/Day: 1 January 2006, Sunday

Time: 1030am

Location: At Home, reading The Sunday Times

"The desire for a fresh face and slimmer profile can add as much as 20 percent more to the coffers of plastic surgeons... The three top surgery requests ... are eyelid surgery, bigger breasts and liposuction."

- Fresh Face For A New Year. (page 4)

I am vain. Period.

But not to the extent of paying someone a pretty (pun intended) ridiculous hefty sum to slice, dice, chop, stitch and puncture me.

Work with (not against) what you have been given.

Be happy with oneself.

Do we really need Botox to look happy? (If you consider the perpetually surprised look happy well, by all means.)

Do we need some cosmeticians to prick needles and mess with our faces.. extracting the never-before-discovered-and-seen-whiteheads-blackheads-hidden-zits-until-you-lie-on-the-bed-with-Mariah-Carey's-Hero-blasting-from-the-speaker?

Do we need beauticians to dictate our eating habit, what to not eat (which are in fact everything!), what to eat (which are usually YUCKY!) and how often to go for follow-ups/review (only to have them shoved all the 'new' products to accelerate fat loss.. yeah yeah)?

Do we really need "A Perfectly Symmetrical Face"? (Even though we are not working in an organization whose only requirement is to have the looks to sell.. brains optional)

Do we need to hear yet another My-milkshake-is-better-than-yours?

Do we really need another MJ Syndrome?

Hmm... Grass is always greener on the other side for some people.

As a dear friend of mine said, "Less is More." (You know who you are) ;)

Well.. More or Less it's true..

ps: Homework, extra reading:

Miss Athena's (My Sis) Blogspot
Date/Day: 27 December 2005, Rainy Tuesday
Time: 1445
Location: Clementi Interchange, lane for bus #99

Characters: Mother (50-ish years old) and Daughter (teenager about 17 yrs old)

The Scene: Daughter was talking loudly, correction, very loudly (close to shouting) to Mother. Mother stood silent. Daughter gestured animatedly (more like pointing her index finger) at Mother. Mother stood silent. Daughter upped the amp. Daughter now frowned. Daughter shook head. Daughter SCREAMED at Mother. Mother stood still.

(Boarded bus)

Daughter got on the bus first. Plonked her fat ass on the seat.

Mother tried in vain to tap the card to pay bus fare.

Denied. Tapped again. Denied. Countless times. To no avail. Denied.

Daughter stared. Sat rooted. Immobile. Motionless.

Daughter asked (read: shouted at) Mother what the commotion was about.

Mother spoke. Very little. (ps: I can't understand Mandarin but I think it meant , "My Farecard has no value, no money.")

Daughter fumed. Daughter gestured to Mother to sit. "Cit cit cit..." head shaking.

Mother sat down. Mother took out purse and fished out a $2 note. No small change. Daughter went, "Cit cit cit... *bla bla bla*" Gestures started again. Voice louder than that TV Mobile.

Mother asked other passenger for small change. Finally.

Mother got up. Bus moving. Mother nearly tumbled. Daughter sat still. Mother paid bus fare.

Mother made way to seat again.

Daughter finally shut up.

(I alighted before my stop after some crazy dude sat next to me and did some "air punches"! WHAT!!)

Location: On board bus #157

Mother (30-ish years old) and Daughter (teenager about 14 years old) boarded the bus. Sat diagonal from me.

Daughter: Mak! Ikutlah!! (Translation: Mother!! Follow!!)

Mother: Tak pe lah. Mak banyak kerja. (Translation: It's alright. I have a lot of things to do)

Daughter: Alah, jangan degil!!! (What? Don't be stubborn!!!)

Mother: (silent)

Daughter: (showing newly bought school uniform) Tengok. Kecik-kecik kan cantik. Mak pilih besar! Tak stail! Ni pun kira besar. Nak alter. Kat Jurong. Ikutlah! (Translation: See. This fits better. The ones you chose were always too big. Ugly. Not stylish. Anyway, this one here still needs alteration. Gonna do that in Jurong. Follow me!)

Mother: Mak banyak kerja. (Translation: I have alot of work to be done)

Daughter: hmpph (Translation: Hmpphh)

(I alighted cos it was my stop.)


Teenage angst? Or just plain rude?

Note to all parents: Please oh please DON'T spare the rod. You WILL spoil the child. You BETTER discipline your kids well.

*Don't mind if I do.
Date/Day: 21 Dec 2005, Wednesday
Time: 1600
Location: My Home

(Phone rang)

Siti Alawiyyah: Assalamualaikum, boleh saya bercakap dengan Cikgu Martini?

Me: Ya, cikgu di sini.

SA: Cikgu, what time must we report to school tomorrow to get our posting results?

Me: You have to be there at 1100.

SA: But cikgu, my mother can't make it at 11.

Me: Hmm... your mother don't have to accompany you to school dear.

SA: But she wants to. She has to go to work in the afternoon.

Me: Ok, why don't you call the school in the morning and ask them if they can release your result earlier. Tell them of your situation. I'm sure they will understand.

SA: OK. Thanks cikgu!

Me: No problem dear. Good Luck. Bye..

SA: Bye!


Time: 1620

(Phone rang)

Nadhirah: Hi, boleh saya bercakap dengan Cikgu Martini?

Me: Ya, cikgu di sini.

N: Cikgu, besok mesti hadir pukul 11 ye?

Me: Ye Nadhirah.

N: Oooo... Cikgu, mesti pakai baju sekolah?

Me: Yes dear! MESTI!

N: Alahai.... oklah.. terima kasih!

Me: Sama-sama.. Bye!

N: Bye!


I love my students! And I am sure they like me. (to say they love me will be asking too much). Every year kids come to me all hungry for knowledge. I tried my very best to empower them with book-based knowledge as well as life skills. This year, I was given the task to teach 18 wonderful Primary 6 students. As always, they were testing my patience during the first month. But I showed them who's boss and we managed to bond a few months later. We gave nick names to each other. Mine, i am known as Cikgu Freaky, Cikgu Scary, Cikgu Sadist! Then one day,

Aqid: Cikgu, cikgu 'kan, macam buah peach!

Me: Huh? Buah peach? Kenapa?

Aqid: Buah peach 'kan, luar sahaja macam cantik, dalamnya tak! Masam!!

Me: Wah, terima kasih kerana awak panggil saya cantik eh!

Aqid: MACAM!!

Me: Tak dengar!

Kids are unpredictable! But I love them. I am gonna miss my 18 kids.. next year they will be going to secondary schools. we achieved so much this year. so many national competitions won. not to mention, they did me proud with a total of 15 A* and As, 1 B and 2 C in their Primary School Leaving Examinations for Malay.

My sister, also a teacher, once told me that "The students don't care how much you know until they know how much you cared!"

After the last phone call by Nadhirah, I realised that that would be the last piece of advise that i am going to or might be giving them. They will be moving on with their life.. And I will be with mine.. next year, new groups of kids will be entrusted to me...
Date/Day: 17 Dec 2005, Saturday

Time: 1140am

Location: Jurong East MRT Station, middle platform going to Bukit Gombak

Saw: A group of 5-6 Malay Boys carrying guitars getting off North-bound train, crossing over to East-bound.

Thoughts: Eh semangat betul budak-budak ni nak bermain muzik pagi-pagi buta.. :#1: (then 2 seconds later) Eh kenapa semua main gitar??? :confused:

Time: 1141am

Location: Train

Saw: Father (about 45-ish yrs old) and son (maybe 15yrs old), talking..


Son: Wah papa, ramainyer budak-budak bawak gitar!

Father: Ni semua main band..

Son: Seronok eh..

Father: Alah.. ni semua semangat main band.. baru-baru aje bawak gitar.. nanti dah lama tak kisah pasal gitar.

Son: Kenapa papa?

Father: Yelah, main band seronok.. tapi bila dah seronok sangat atas stage tengah perform.. tiba-tiba salah, kawan-kawan marah.. terus dah tak nak main.. pasal malu.. Nak main band tak boleh malu..

Son: Oooo...

Father: (turned his head towards Jurong Entertainment Centre) Eh tu cerita King Kong baru kan?


There are some truths in the old man's words..

Firstly, I am also guilty of the fact that I will get excited over new things (like new gadgets, new hobbies..) then after a few months I might be swarmed by other cool new things.. then another cycle begins.. [my fiancee, Idi, calls this "Semangat Dua Minit"] I hope this photography thing will not be my Semangat 2 Minit. I will prove the old man that I am not one of his statistics.

Secondly, I will shy away when I make mistakes. Sometimes I will just give up (thus again.. the Semangat 2 Minit).. Another resolution for the new year eh...

Thirdly, yes King Kong is a new movie.. I haven't catch it! :teevee: